CoreLogs is a Businesses Enabling Community

What are the benefits for a Business?

Free Business Leads
Companies share their Product / Service requirements on CoreLogs. These are available to other member Companies to send Quotations and grow business.

Company Profile
Each Company gets a uniform profile, which can serve as their front page on the Internet. A Company Profile has all whats needed to identify your business, with the added benefits of easier connection to other companies.

The Network
Being in a community, you get connected to a huge network of Companies. This network keeps you in touch with business in your Market Segment & your city.

Connecting Businesses to Cloud
CoreLogs connects Businesses to the Cloud. People from a company can collaborate on the Cloud Platform to manage Leads, Quotations, Inquiries & Products.

And yes, Its all free.

No hidden charges at any step.

Why a Community?

The advent of business lead resellers can be seen as a direct consequence of the separation of the producer and the consumer space. And this is why we believe that the next step forward is to minimize the gap so that each business has equal opportunity to connect to any other business.

Who is telling you all this ?

We are a small team of passionate engineers, who have spent time with people in small, medium & large Companies & Industrialists. We have seen Industries inside out and are well aware of the conditions prevailing in the SME segment in India.

Headquartered in Bangalore, CoreLogs is our endeavour to accelerate business by easing access to a large number of services.

Team Member, CoreLogs

Surya Prakash

CEO, Co-founder

SP is a Production & Industrial Engineering graduate. He heads the product & Engineering at CoreLogs. Not a Coder but codes to make things happen.

Team Member, CoreLogs

Arvind Tiwari

CTO, Co-founder, Fresh

A fresh CS graduate, has a keen interest for the web. Coder by day, Coder by night. Sometimes he is found playing Football. Normally works for 20 hours in continuity.

If you're interested in what we're doing and would like to chat with us, drop us an email at