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What is CoreLogs?

  • CoreLogs is an open online Community bringing all Businesses on one Platform.
  • And it's totally free.
  • To join, Click here

Should I Join?

  • Normally, if you reached here, you definitely should join.
  • If you run a business (owner/ one of the decision-makers/ sales & marketing guy), you should join definitely.
  • Even if you are not the one at the top, you can join and then invite the right people.
  • Yes! Multiple people can be a part of a business account.
  • Again! It's a free Platform.

How to Accss Tenders?

  • You can surf through Tenders for free. But to access details you have to be a premium member.
  • Premium members can access Tender Documents, Contact of Authority and other Technical Details.

How to become a Premium Member?

  • You can become a premium member by paying a one time monthly or yearly fee. (We assure you, it's the least as compared to other sites). Sign up free to know more.
  • Or, by Inviting 2 friends from other companies, you will get one month's premium membership for free.
  • Apart from tenders, there are so many valuable components on site that you can access fully free.

Be a part of the Community and connect with new Businesses daily.